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Take a Compliment Card Set


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Wow, you look really great today....way better than yesterday. Anyway, this card set by Brass Monkey includes 200 unique compliment cards to hand out...100 compliments and 100 backhanded compliments. Each card features a unique phrase on the front, with a place to write a personal note on the back (unless you want to stay anonymous). Give them out one at a time, or display them on your coffee table. You're smart, you'll figure out something.


 • Includes 100 compliment cards & 100 backhanded compliment cards.
• Example compliment: You are like a 20 dollar bill found in a winter coat.
• Example compliment: I'm glad that you aren't a bodybuilder. Your veins are the perfect size already.
• Example backhanded compliment: Your attractiveness more than makes up for your personality.
• Example backhanded compliment: Wow, you look really good in this light.