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Spooky Season Halloween Table Runner


Let the good times roll with the Spooky Season Halloween Table Runner! Artwork and an original poem by Cami Monet.

Spooky season, step right up
Costumed children run amuck
A cold chill blows through the air
Join in the fun, if you dare
It’s the night of tricks
Or maybe just treats
Scared or not, we’re hunting for sweets.
A creaky door, a bump in the night,
It’s all fun and games till you turn off the light.
Is it a whisper or the wind? You can’t really tell.
Scaredy cats, we bid you farewell.
Take one more step into the dark.
Don’t make one sound as you embark.
A ghost might awake with a boo and a shriek
It’s hard being dead, even just for a week.
But candy is worth the biggest fright
After all, it’s a party on Halloween night!

Pssst...Can you take your table runner for a swim? Can it hold up to toddlers? ;-) This one can! AND it's reusable!


• 16.5" x 96" paper table runner
• Luxurious satin paper with a subtle sheen
• Water-resistant and extra-durable: check out the last photo! I took the table runner for a swim!
• Cut to size for a perfect fit! (Or use on multiple tables!)
• Also great for banners and wrapping paper
• Packaged in a clear box with stickers
• Made in the USA

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