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A Big Deal Giant Playing Cards


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Big cards, for even bigger winnings. These giant (oversized is underselling it) cards by Brass Monkey come in a rigid paper-wrapped box, perfect for display on a coffee table...when you aren't playing the world's largest game of solitaire. Includes 54 uniquely designed cards (that means jokers are included). Did we mention that these are giant cards? Each one measures 4.5" wide by 7" tall. Comes in a rigid, coffee-table-worthy box (with a pull-out matchbox style tray). Includes 54 unique cards (including jokers), featuring a bold, vintage-inspired design aesthetic throughout. Box measures 5.125" wide by 7.5" tall (and 1.75" deep if you're curious). It's all about the little (well, big in this case) details. Everything has been oversized, even the sticker seal on the box.